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There are monastic sites such as Devenish Island, the remains of the Archdale manor House, built in 1773, and the effects of the Second World War.

Castle Archdale was the main base for the flying boats that took off from here to protect allied convoys in the north Atlantic.

The dressings are in clunch and re-used Roman bricks. The plan consists of a nave and chancel, with a south porch and a north vestry.

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Distinctive features of its ancient little village are narrow lanes with characteristic two-storey houses, with long balconies traditionally used for drying fish; the island’s inhabitants earn their living mainly by fishing and tourism.

Most of the rocks under these lakes date from the Carboniferous Period, between about 350 million and 300 million years ago.

This was when the warm and shallow Carboniferous sea first advanced across this part of Ireland.

Located in the rear of the building is a beautiful, private beer garden.

As locals enter this historic building, many recall past businesses such as Sutters Store - Grocery and Hardware.