Who is brigitte nielsen dating

Nielsen was engaged to Mark Gastineau, a footballer from New York Jets. She had her second child, Killian Marcus Gastineau, born in 1989, with him.

Nielsen broke off her engagement from Gastineau in April 1990. Nielsen had the third marriage of her life with Sebastian Copeland, a director and a photographer, and the cousin of actor Orlando Bloom. The couple had no any child together and went on to divorce in May 1992, after one and a half year of marriage.

She’s perhaps best known for her turns in ’80s movies “Rocky IV,” “Red Sonya” and “Beverly Hills Cop II.” Re-shooting the scenes with Nielsen required bringing back other actors to the set, Shankar said: “The planning alone was ridiculous.Then I realized about him and Maria and, wow, I felt cheated." She was just 22 at the time and said she believed her strapping 38-year-old co-star loved her."Maybe I wouldn't have got into it if he said, 'I'm going to marry Maria and this is dead serious.' But he didn't, and our affair carried on," the Danish diva said. Sly Stallone, now 47, said she was shocked by Schwarzenegger's recent admission he fathered a love child with a maid and kept the boy a secret for 14 years."It breaks my heart because he and Maria have four kids, and you don't just have a baby with someone else.I'm surprised Arnold thought he could get away with it and I feel bad for Maria," she said.In the 1990s, she made quite a few films, including 976-Evil II (1991), The Cave of the Golden Rose 2 (1992) and its sequels, The Double 0 Kid (1992), Chained Heat II (1993), Galaxis (1995) with Sam Raimi, Compelling Evidence (1995), She's Too Tall (1999) with Corey Feldman and George Hamilton, and Doomsdayer (2000). In recent years, she has become interested in the music world, doing a duet with drag-queen Ru Paul, "You're No Lady" (2002).