“We want them to get the medical treatment.”The Violence Against Women Act of 2005 allows a victim to receive the medical forensic exam without having to participate in criminal justice investigations, according to the National Center for Victims of Crime.

The unreported anonymous rape kits, also known as “Jane/John Doe” kits, give “victims access to medical care and allow important evidence to be collected, without forcing the victim to immediately decide whether to report the assault to law enforcement,” said the Center, “which does not support the testing of these anonymous kits without victim permission.”Prosecutors in Ulster County have already developed a policy that requires police agencies to test all kits as long as the victim agrees to pursue criminal charges against his or her attacker.

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While no Dutchess County agency has reported an active investigation that has been slowed by the untested sexual assault evidence kits, prosecutors and law enforcement agencies in Dutchess are rethinking the county's lack of a uniform policy when it comes to testing and recording the kits.“We are definitely in the process this year of trying to decide what is an appropriate protocol is for our county,” said Dutchess County Assistant District Attorney Kristine Whelan.“As victim service providers, we would really advocate for them (kits) all to be tested,” said Leah Feldman, director of the Center for Victim Safety and Support at the Poughkeepsie-based Family Services.

“It sends a clear supportive message…to victims that the case matters, and a message to perpetrators that they will be held accountable.”Whether or not they want to make a police report, victims are encouraged to “undergo the exam,” Feldman added.