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As a part of this process, the contract required mapping of the site, excavation of at least four 1 x 1 meter archaeological units, analysis of the materials recovered, preparation of a final report, and curation of the recovered materials. Archaeology of the Little Panoche Reservoir, Fresno County. The cultural material is located both within and below a sandstone outcrop containing several small rockshelters (Figure 2). The site's dimensions are approximately 30 meters north-south (up and down the slope), and 20 meters east-west along the sloping hillside. [Journal of Anthropological Archaeology -61.]Sampling Issues in Evaluations of Diet and Diversity: Lessons from Diablo Canyon. [In Human and Marine Ecosystems: Archaeological and Historical Ecology of Northern Pacific Seals, Sea Lions, and Sea Otters, edited by T. Report on the Vertebrate Fauna from CA-STA-207, Central Diablo Range, Stanislaus County, California: Evidence for an Upland Adaptation with Long-Term Stability in the Central Diablo Range (SCA Proceedings - PDF]. [In Exploring Methods of Faunal Analysis: Perspectives from California Archaeology, edited by Michael A. Another Trans-Holocene Sequence from Diablo Canyon: New Faunal and Radiocarbon Findings from CA-SLO-585, San Luis Obispo County, California.