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Grab your sword, feed your parrot and make sure you're armed with at least a few of the best pirate-y pick up lines.After all, they might just get you some booty and they're great conversation starters!Harry Hook is a main character and the secondary antagonist who who appears sequel, Descendants 2. A member of Uma’s pirate gang, Harry serves as her right-hand man and is always ready to hook someone. Harry is prideful, sneaky and is always ready to hook someone, especially Ben.

This situation feels interesting to me and a new experience in the making. Who asks a guy she’s dating to save her from a date? When he picked me up and I was immediately like wtf. He was 15 years older, bald, fat and had a red beard. The photos of the guy looked like a totally different guy. I wanted to roam the back alleys of Cairo, eat my way through India, hike to Machu Picchu, parboil myself in the hot springs of Iceland and let go of the pain and stress of the divorce.It was ME time; time to reassess my life, my goals, my future.