Option backdating why the fuss and how to avoid it

I will leave it up to the author who edits the page to correct it.--Tmsener (talk) , 26 November 2007 (UTC) I heard that in order to avoid voting with the compulsary voting system is to simply spoil one's ballot - that way your name is crossed off, you place your ballot in the box, but you haven't voted. Otherwise it would seem to me that checking someone has: 1) had their name crossed off the register, 2) placed their ballot in the box , 3) placed an 'x' in a given box; means that their vote would not be secret.Answer to above anonymous question: A spoiled vote, as you describe above is what's called an informal vote, and of course does not count towards any candidates votes, but does get the voter off the hook so far as their voting obligations goes. Once a voters name and details is found on the roll, they're given two voting papers (ballots).One a green smaller paper with the divisional candidates, and another white long sheet of paper with the senate candidates.Our 2007 coverage begins with the release of the first-ever Tid BITS Archive CD, containing the complete archive of our 17 years of Macintosh reporting!Then Glenn Fleishman examines Apple's stock option backdating woes, and Joe Kissell looks at the VMware Fusion beta for those interested in virtualizing Windows on a Mac.The voter then takes these with him/her to a booth where s/he can secretly number the candidates according to their preference. Every year, about 5% of voters either mistakenly, or deliberately cast informal votes.--Tmsener (talk) , 26 November 2007 (UTC) the desciption of the counting process is far too simple to give an accurate description.

Remember to back up newer maps for they can be corrupted with an older minecraft. You need to find a download containing either a file or the full on .minecraft file of the desired version.In section Nominations, there is a mistake in the Senate candidates deposit.The deposit amount for senate candidates is 00, and not 0 as is written on the page.Hide full article A few months back, I wrote a brief bit about how Mac Tech Magazine had created a CD containing the complete archives of the magazine (see "Mac Tech Creates Archive CD," 2006-11-13). You need to find a download containing either a file or the full on .minecraft file of the desired version.