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A group of interconnected, Baltimore-based twenty- and thirty-somethings navigate their various relationships from the shallow end of the dating pool through the deep, murky waters of married life, trying to read the signs of the opposite sex... Starring together in comedy-romance movie "He's Just Not That Into You", Justin Long and Ginnifer Goodwin, are rumored to be dating after they were seen attending a post-Oscars party hand-in-hand.

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"They were trying to be cool, but it was obvious they're a couple," the source adds.

The film was produced by Drew Barrymore's production company, Flower Films, while serving as an executive producer.

The film grossed over 1 million at the worldwide box office.

"I'd love for them to get together and live in bliss." PHOTOS: Will these star couples last throughout 2012?

Prior to her relationship with Dallas, Goodwin was engaged to actor Joey Kern.