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As Ireland’s rental crisis continues to worsen, “sex for rent” ads have begun to appear for properties in Dublin.

The sex-for-rent phenomenon has attracted considerable coverage in the UK, where people – mostly women – have been coming forward to describe their ordeals.

These photographs are evidence that can be used to find and prosecute the perpetrators of these crimes.

In order to use these photos, however, investigators must be able to determine where the photos were taken.

The idea for the app is merging of ideas between researchers at Washington University and the Exchange Initiative, a non-profit formed by Nix Conference and Meeting Management.

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And one woman is taking them on.“This first came to my attention after a BBC article on 13 April,” Vonny says.

The most basic scenario involves a landlord offering rent-free accommodation to a woman – occasionally to a man – in exchange for sex. The ads are often phrased cryptically, not explicitly referring to sex but implying that accommodation will be offered in exchange for unspecified benefits.

This week 10 such ads for accommodation in Ireland were live on the classifieds websites Craigslist and Locanto.

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