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drama teacher Christopher Schraufnagel leaves court after his case was adjourned July 14, while parents of one of his students describe their son's experience of "soft abuse." 7/14/2016 Rally outside the Administration Building as Chappaqua protesters express "No Confidence" in Superintendent Lyn Mc Kay on the sex-abuse case of former teacher Christopher Schraufnagel, Sept. There, the boy's parents said, Christopher Schraufnagel gave their son his first dose of cocaine. Kramer/The Journal News) CHAPPAQUA - The 15-year-old Horace Greeley High School student was flubbing his lines for the school musical, so his drama teacher called him into his office and closed the door.It has widespread use in Somalia, Somaliland, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea and parts of Kenya. If you have traveled to any of these countries, or plan to, Khat is freely sold at open markets (usually in the morning if you are close to a growing area).Scrabble enthusiasts may have heard of it, since it's one of the few words that does not require a "u" if you have the "q".It's legal in the countries with widespread use, and illegal almost everywhere else.This has proved problematic for communities originally from the Horn of Africa, who are now living abroad.

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Former Chappaqua drama teacher Christopher Schraufnagel, accused of sexually abusing students, pleaded guilty under a new plea deal that puts him on the state sex offender registry, Nov. Parents of student suing Chappaqua school district and former drama teacher for sex abuse talk about the case July 22, 2016, The parents agreed to speak with The Journal News/lohud under the condition of anonymity to protect their child’s identity. It was the start of a downward spiral that the student and his parents — one of five Chappaqua families who have filed civil claims against Schraufnagel and the Chappaqua school district — blame on the 41-year-old veteran speech and drama teacher, who now finds himself in the middle of a sex and drugs firestorm.

LAWSUIT: Teacher faces sex, drugs claims PLEA DEAL: Schraufnagel pleads guilty CHAPPAQUA: Students 'reckless'NEW CLAIMS: More allegations for ex-teacher IN COURT: Ex-teacher faces judge TIMELINE: How the scandal unfolded In addition to the civil claims, Schraufnagel admitted in New Castle Town Court on Thursday that he had "sexual contact" with two of his students in a separate criminal case.

The admission was part of a plea deal with Westchester County prosecutors — pending final approval by the local judge — that would spare Schraufnagel jail time but would require him to serve three years of probation and to surrender his New York state teaching license.