Dating prospectus

Nathaniel Read Silver (born January 13, 1978) is an American statistician and writer who analyzes baseball (see sabermetrics) and elections (see psephology).He is the editor-in-chief of ESPN's Five Thirty Eight and a Special Correspondent for ABC News.When a prospectus is issued then a date of formation of prospectus is written on the prospectus this date is known as date of prospectus.The date of prospectus is relevant for issue of securities hence every prospectus must have a date.Incorporated in year 2000, Tejas Networks Ltd is Bangalore based optical and data networking products company.Trjas design, develop and sell products to telecommunications service providers, internet service providers, utility companies, defense companies and government entities in India and over 60 countries.After vetting a final prospectus is prepared and copies of the final prospectus are again given to the ROC, SEBI and Stock exchanges.The ROC will register the prospectus and the prospectus now can be issued to public.

If the securities are not allotted within 120 days then whole application money will become refundable by the company to the applicants this refund of money must be made within 130 days of dating of prospectus otherwise the directors of company will be liable to penalties and they are liable to refund the money personally and the corporate veil is lifted.

According to journalist William Hageman, "Silver caught the baseball bug when he was 6....

It was 1984, the year the Detroit Tigers won the World Series. And if there's anything that goes hand in glove with baseball, it's numbers, another of Silver's childhood interests ("It's always more interesting to apply it to batting averages than algebra class").

The Offer comprises the Fresh Issue and the Offer for Sale.1.

Offer for Sale - The company will not receive any proceeds from the Offer for Sale.2.