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If you do find yourself poised for some housemate shopping, there is an excellent case for treating this like romance.After all, these strangers will soon become a very significant "other".With Londoners renting well into their thirties, the cohort depressingly described as ‘generation rent’ is being thrown together in increasing numbers.Living cheek-by-jowl in an expensive and competitive city is never a recipe for constant harmony, but sometimes it can feel like you really are the only sane one out there in a sea of housemate horror stories.Does it really make sense to meet a person or people once and decide days later to move in and share your personal space?

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"Mayroon akong security guard, bouncers (sa mga gustong mag-hire)," ani Alcala.

You'll still have to interact with this person every day, and there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own home.

If you really feel like there's a romantic connection between you and your roomie, reach out to a mutual friend that you trust.

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Sharing a home with strangers is a modern phenomenon; increasingly common but nonetheless strange.