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Have Kalon and Lindzi spent a lot of time together since the show ended? When you see them on the finale next week will they say they’re still together? Putting a label on these ‘couples’ is pretty much impossible.

No-one knew who you were voting for until Chris had the brilliant idea to take Erica into the voting booth with him and then that changed the dynamic of everything."But I didn't consider it lying or being deceitful. It's an awkward game that you wouldn't play in real life, so in order to thrive you just have to tell people what they want to hear.", and she told us last week that she thought you were friends on the show - until she watched it back and saw your comments about her. "Just because we are from the same city and we have some similar friends, that doesn't necessarily mean we are friends.

They were hooking up and scheming and falling for each other.

A couple weeks ago, when he got called on lying and Chris demanded to know who he was really voting for, Kalon's response was, “Well I would never lie to Lindzi, so whatever she told you is true.” Whaaaat?

mansion was cut short this week when they were eliminated from the competition, but Kalon recently spoke to reporters about his time on the show. "I can't say that I had a specific strategy going into either show.

Read on to find out what he had to say about the current status of his relationship with Lindzi, see him hit back at Ed's comment that he "isolated" himself, and discover how he feels about Erica now.... We filmed them very, very close so I was still the same person. I was much more comfortable, much happier, much more outgoing on I was a little more comfortable.